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DRIVING HAMMER 10 oz and 12oz



The VFT rounding hammers are available in a slim or high design. They incorporate round and flat forging faces which are balanced toward the flat forging face. Superior to its rivals, the weight distribution system reduces the twist created with similar designs on the market creating a more powerful accurate design of hammer that is comfortable to use, making it the perfect everyday shoe turning and forging hammer.


This model is available in five different weights:

Slim Rounding Hammer 1,5 lb

Slim Rounding Hammer 1,75 lb

Slim Rounding Hammer 1,85 lb

Slim Rounding Hammer 2,00 lb

Slim Rounding Hammer 2,25 lb


The Henrik Berger competition hammer incorporates all the high quality features represented in all VFT hammers. This hammer has a revolutionary weight distribution design which controls the power centrally through the hammer towards the flat forging face; this ensures fantastic performance in every blow allowing for more accurate and powerful forging every day.

This model is available in five different weights:

HB Competition Hammer 1,5 lb

HB Competition Hammer 1,75 lb

HB Competition Hammer 1,85 lb

HB Competition Hammer 2,00 lb

HB Competition Hammer 2,25 lb