These are precise high grade quality fullers that have undergone extensive manufacturing design to enhance performance durability and working life. This is a tool that has some of the most demanding temperature working requirements of any tool in you tool box and has been designed extensively with this in mind. Shape designed to make every hammer blow count either by hand hammer or sledge. This has produced a fantastic easy to use fuller that glides through the material with minimal effort maintaining strength and durability in the toughest most demanding conditions.
All VFT fullers are supplied with ash handle.


Avaible in 4 wides:    Fuller S – Slim
                                  Fuller N – Regular
                                  Fuller W - Wide
                                  Fuller D - Draft


After extensive market research it showed that there was demand for a more affordable fuller range aimed more at beginners in the craft and apprentices within the VFT fuller range. With being leaders in the tool manufacturing world for strength and durability with the materials and hardening process we use it was trying to find a way to make a more affordable range whilst keeping the same materials. After some extensive design and trials we are happy to launch this new fuller design made from the same quality materials as the original fuller.

All VFT fullers are supplied with ash handle.

Avaible in 3 wides:    Fuller EQ S – Slim
                                  Fuller EQ N – Regular
                                  Fuller EQ W - Wide



This extends our range of fullers incorporating the best qualities of all our fuller range. This is suited to the modern day tooling blocks and is equally suited for use with hand hammer or sledge. Manufactured with the same quality materials as all our tools makes the new guide fuller well suited to the demands of modern farrier in an old traditional way of forging shoes.

All VFT fullers are supplied with ash handle.


Control Gauge

A simple tool gauge to accuratly check the dimensions of stamps and fullers to help maintain shape.

For reshaping following tools:

SC = Stamp Concave

SN = Stamp Regular

S = Fuller Slim

N = Fuller Regular

W = Fuller Wide